Saturday, 1 March 2014

oh, hello

Today is the first day of Spring 2014.

I'm Jo and this is my fresh start. Sometimes things, all the little things, can get caught up in a massive horrible weaving mess and it's hard to get out of it all and take stock of what you actually want, need and have to do.

I've had that Change feeling in my belly for the past month or so and I needed to get out of my tangled mess and see which bits are salvageable. I'm lucky, most of it is. Everything is just just knotted up and I need to take the time to straighten all the little parts of my life back out.

So this is me.

I'm twenty four, I live with my boyfriend in North Yorkshire, we have two cats and two chickens. The dream is to find out what we want to do when we grow up.

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