Friday, 18 April 2014

REVIEW: Dove Hair Therapy Oil Leave In Conditioner Spray

I'm always quite dubious of Dove products - other than the shampoo and conditioner and soap... Okay, so I'm not that dubious. I was quite worried about this one though. Was it going to leave my hair lank? Would it make my hair clump together in hard lumps?

For £3.59 this is a wonderful product and I shouldn't have worried. I spray this on my damp towel dried hair before I blow dry it. Then, I spray it on the ends before I straighten. Then, I might spray it of afterwards too because it smells divine.

I actually got complimented at work the other day over how nice my hair smelt. 1000 woman points to me.

I have fluffy hair after washing and this makes the ends a little more refined and sleek and although I have fine hair, it doesn't leave it looking lank. I'm going to buy this time and time again. You should too.

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