Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Hello April

April  is the month that Spring really gets underway.

I spent this afternoon sweeping our patio and moving pots about. I discovered little shoots peeking up through the dirt and it gives me hope. I hope that this year will be as kind to us as the last one.

I started a few weeks back by saying that life gets tangled up and it's hard to unravel it, but for me, just seeing a little seeding makes sorting the complicated things out slightly easier. If a tiny seed can battle it's foes - weather, chickens, wild birds, our cats pooing everywhere, me and my rampant digging during the winter months - then why should I yield to my super bossy boss who has minimal control over my life?

I meet so many different people every day and they impact me, definitely, but they also mean nothing. Remembering that makes those tears, that build up when someone insults me, fade away.

And if the people you choose to love bring those tears to the forefront, just remember that sometimes seeds do fall a fair distance from the tree.

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