Thursday, 29 May 2014

OUTFIT: A Smart Casual Approach

My favourite colour has and always will be green.

Green of lawns, of forests, of new baby leaves. Of algae in the sea, of my favourite bedding, of the best veg you can eat.

Green has so many variations and each of them appeals. But none more so than Forest Green. My first car was Forest Green.

I saw this dress (or a version of this dress) on Amie's blog a little while back (have to admit to a little girl crush on her blog, effortless should be her middle name). While she chose the red version, I immediately went for green. A little nervous of how it would hang on my weird frame, I actually really like it. 

I bought the boots to go with the dress. I'm one for either flats or super high heels so these kitten type dodahs aren't my first choice, but I love them all the same. Really comfy with gold detail - I can't ask for more.


  1. Where did you get those boots? I've been looking for a similar style everywhere

  2. New Look! Wasn't expecting to find anything there, but was pleasantly surprised :)


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