Sunday, 15 June 2014

LIFE: Oh, hello mojo.

Anyone ever had that feeling where they're just meh?

It's been clinging onto me for dear life for months now. Some days it feels like it might have gone forever, today is one of those days. Happy days are what I live for.

They are days where:
I put on three washes, and hang them out, and get them dry, and bring them in, and put them back away.
I manage to get (what seems like) 728,481,484 things done and ticked off my To Do list.
Have time to sit and admire what I've done (or eat what I've baked)
Don't feel fat (I know I'm not actually fat, but everyone can feel it sometimes).
Feel lighthearted - anything can happen and I still feel okay (who cares if I just ripped the sofa with my hair grip).
I don't NEED to do anything. Today is the first day in 15 days I haven't had to leave the boundaries of my garden for work or family things.
I start a project or finish an old one.

Happy days are good days.

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