Monday, 30 June 2014

READ: Will Grayson, Will Grayson

I adore reading. I always forget to mention it when people ask about hobbies and pastimes and things because I tend to re-read the books I already have rather than go out and buy a new one. Except, I've had an iPad for nine months and iBooks for eight of them.

Bit skeptical of the whole reading-on-a-tablet thing? So am I. Present tense. Apart from the time I'm reading on it, I don't associate my iPad (my frontline offence for stalking on Facebook) with the delicate sport of reading. It's only when I think 'hmm what else can I do' that I think yeah alright, I'll give the book thing a go, again.

I bought Will Grayson, Will Grayson on a bit of a gamble. For £1.99 from the iBook Store (also available here) I thought it wasn't so bad, for £1.99 I also wanted it to be an epic purchase the weekend before payday. It turned out to be both.

It's got love, depression, weirdness, celebration, happiness, aww-ness. It's one of those where you love it/hate it in equal parts which makes it a superb book and it ends on such a crescendo. I'd love to give a low down, but I think that would spoil it. The way it's written makes it. Hats off to Jon Green. Lege.

(ps. and if this one doesn't tickle your fancy, try the Fault in our Stars)

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