Thursday, 19 June 2014

REVIEW: Collection Illuminating Touch Concealer

I've just repurchased this beauty. The writing rubs off pretty fast so I've taken a quick snap and thought it best to share why this concealer is so great.

I use this concealer as an all rounder. Spots, under eyes and redness. I think it tackles redness/discolouration best. It doesn't disguise dark circles to the 'n'th degree, but it makes me look more perky and evens out my skin more. I use this under and over foundation or sometimes on it's own. Depends what I feel like really.

It's a reasonably thick formula that's easily patted into the skin - I find it works better with fingers than a brush. It lasts longer that way too, although makeup tends to slide off my face within a few hours anyway. It's a nice layer to have worked into a makeup routine.

I like it mostly because it's an easily blended product that works well on my skin tone. Winner.

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