Thursday, 10 July 2014

LIFE: Butchers Meat

I am sad to say I was one of those people who knew that the meat I ate had probably been cared for very little and it probably died in horrid conditions, but when I picked up the packet in the supermarket, I pushed those thoughts to the back of my mind and just thought of something else - something less guiltifying.

After watching a few Halal killing videos on Youtube*, my initial thought was to not buy any more meat and to give up eating it forever. But, I realised I actually like eating meat a lot. I like my veg, don't get me wrong, but I also like meat.

I showed the Lad and we both decided that we have enough money coming in to go premium and go to our local butcher. Our local butcher knows where all the meat they sell comes from. Local meat. Well cared for meat. Lean meat. We bought eight sausages, two gammon steaks, a good stew full of frying steak and a load of bacon for £12.

Comparing that to a 3 for £10 deal at Tesco, I think we got a bargain! Heaven knows why we expected it to be expensive.

I cooked the frying steak the first night and turned it into two mash-topped beef pies. I usually have to pick at the meat in my pie and segment the pieces that don't look so good, but I ate all of it. The third night (because we had the second pie the second night) I made a sausage casserole. Usually I have to peel the sausages because I don't like the outer bit, but this seemed to melt away into the casserole and jeez, it smelt and tasted so, so good. The fourth night we had the gammon... you can see where I'm going.

I don't know why we didn't go before, or why we'd never considered going before, but I'm now a converted person. It's cheap, it's good fine meat, it lasts well because it's so fresh when we buy it, it tastes superb, it made us consider what food we're going to eat throughout the week so we've eaten healthier and wasted less.

I can't see any downfall. Local butchers meat has and always will be the best way forward.

Now, excuse me while I go eat my pancakes and crispy bacon for tea.

*Just a little note to say that I know that Halal killings are mostly done carefully and thoughtfully to the standards that their religion upholds them to and that some British farmers treat their animals with as much distain as the Halal abattoirs I saw on the videos. Buying local means we can track where our food comes from and  know that our meat is killed to HSA Standards - a way that I wholeheartedly agree with.

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