Wednesday, 23 July 2014

COOK: Pickled beet.

My Lad has an allotment. He grows our food for the year. At this point we have a major glut. Our neighbours are loving it because they get the excess flung at them across the fence (in a nice way, of course). 

This year is the first year the Lad has attempted to grow beetroot. It something that I only occasionally eat and not something that I particularly like. It's nice, but that's it.

On Sunday we went all out and tried something new. We pickled a load of beet.

There are a lot of different recipes online and I found myself getting confused with them all so settled for a simple one with about four ingredients - beet, vinegar, sugar and water (and maybe a sprinkle of salt). The only things with that is, some of the recipes say it's good to eat within three months, others say after three months.

Anyone have any idea when I can nosh some down?


  1. I'd say after 3 months, I make chutney and that's always better after 3 months. I once read in a Delia book that she couldn't believe that she actually had to specify that you had wait a month to eat the chutney, so maybe they just don't say...

    The Girl Who Looks Like a Cake

    1. Thank you! We weren't sure, especially with some random recipes saying that it was good to eat asap. We've popped them in the cupboard for now. Looking forward to seeing if we pickled them right. If not though, there's always Delia's way :)


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