Monday, 14 July 2014

LIFE: What's in my travel bag

This week, Olie and I are going North for a few days. We went to Whitby earlier in the year and Scotland a couple of months back so I've got my travel bag essentials down to a tee.

The majority of things in this picture are pretty standard. Wet wipes, sanitary gel, brolly, a pen, money, tissues etc. the most important thing here though (bar the keys, obviously) is the box of sweets. The Lad is one of those that needs something full of sugar to keep him going through the day. Mars bars are his favourite, but very melty in hot car situations. We've found a happy medium with gummy sweets. 

For us there's always a point in the limbo between mealtimes that we get a bit peckish. Especially on the road or after we've been visiting somewhere. This little box will be our saviour!

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  1. Great photo, I know what you mean about the mid-mealtime limbo, gummy sweets never fail :')

    // xx


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