Sunday, 27 July 2014

LIFE: What's in my travel makeup bag

This week I'm going on a two day business trip down South. South for me is anywhere below Sheffield, so make of that what you will. I don't really know anything about the trip other than the itinerary for people I have to sit and listen to on Day 2. My worry is that we'll all have to carry our stuff around all day before getting the coach home so I'm packing light. Just in case.

This is a minutely tweaked version of my usual makeup. I've cut out the foundation and concealer and chosen a miniature Bare Mineral duo instead. I've got a primer and moisturiser in one, although seeing as I've only just got the Bare Minerals products I'm taking their version of a primer too, again, just in case. I'm taking the Collection brow kit mainly as an eyeshadow kit because if I can't be bothered to attempt eyeliner (although I'm taking it anyway) I can always work something out with that and if my brow pencil dies and is unredeemably unsharpenable then I have a back up for that too.

Most of the things I'm taking here have dual purposes and give me options for if I change my mind on the day or not. Although I don't have a lot here I have plenty variations to chose from and me likey options.

Choosing miniature things also helps save space in the tote bag I've chosen in place of a suitcase. Next thing on my list is to find a good miniature pair of straighteners... 

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