Thursday, 17 July 2014

REVIEW: Battle of the Facewipe

I'm a scrub, soap and water kinda girl. I buy wetwipes to clean my bin with rather than to cleanse my face with. Recently though, I've found that my current eyewear choices are not being completely removed with the scrubs, soap and water combo, so I thought I'd give these a try and see if I can be swayed into using wetwipes as a regular addition to my regime.

Manuka Doctor - this has the best smell of them all - super tropical, although I'm not sure I like it. The cloth was pretty thin and it took a while to take all my mascara off. It eventually did, but my eyes were quite sore after all the rubbing involved.

Klorane - I've used Klorane products before so I was pleased to see they have formulated a facewipe. They smell okay, not bad, but not overly pleasant either and the scent lingers on my hands, but not on my face (weird, but true). It removed all of my makeup, including my waterprooof mascara, with ease and didn't cause any redness or tightness. This is the only one with a proper 'lid' rather then a sticky flap to close the pack.

Witch - the Lad chose to use this first because he trusts the brand more than any of the others. His feedback involved tightness, a clean smell and very wet. I agree in part. I didn't think they were too wet, but my skin did feel pretty tight afterwards.

Dr Organic - these are the only wipes that say they're wetwipes rather than face wipes. Super multipurpose, these are my type of wipe. However, comparing them to the others, there's a definate difference. These are really wet and make my face tacky when dry. They smell much like the wipes I use to clean the bin with, which is hygenic, but not bobbydazzling. But, they are the cheapest of the four so maybe this can be forgiven.

My overall view is that for travelling, I would choose the Dr Organic, simply because they're designed for everything. If I was to choose one for my face regularly (say on the evenings I finish work really late) then I think the Klorane wipes are the nicest. 

NOTE: I was sent these for review, however all of my ramblings about them have been rambled by my own accord and with my own opinions (with a little input from the Lad).

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