Tuesday, 29 July 2014

REVIEW: Battle Of The Scrubs

My face likes to brew tiny spots with a massive volcano of redness and soreness around them. I think my face is actually one of the best in the world for that - although do correct me if I'm wrong.

Usually, my go-to cleanser/scrub/wash is Swarfaega. I work in a warehouse so it's easy to come by and cheap with my staff discount. It feels a lot like an exfoliater by Clinique (actually a lot less harsh than the Clinique one too), but without the price tag - discount or no discount. Recently though I've run out of Swarfega and been trying out some other scrubs that claim to work wonders.

1. Sanctuary Spa - this would be much, much better if there were more exfoliant beads and the gel that suspends them became foamy when wet. The beads are a decent size and they definitely scrub well, but it's hard to maneover them around my face when the gel doesn't really move well.

2. Skin Therapy - this is the opposite to the above - too much wash and not enough scrub. I use this after the St Ives or the Sanctuary Spa to create a double cleanse effect. It does have scrub in there, but the beads are too fine for me personally (although it does state that it is a 'gentle cleanser' so if that's what you're looking for then this is a really good product). I got this from Wilkinson's.

3. St Ives - this is my favourite so far. It has a decent sized bead and plenty of them. They're notably not spherical beads, more gritty and sharp which I like because I really sloughs off dry skin around spots or blemishes. It also foams up really nicely so I can feel it getting right into my skin and then smoothing it over without making my face feel sore or tight.

4. Clean and Clear - I had high hopes for this when I bought it the other week, but it's really disappointed me. The wash part is creamy, which on one hand is good for moisturisation, but on the other ain't so great for exfoliation with just this and some water. The formula would work better with a muslin cloth or a flannel. The beads are a good size, but because they're completely round they roll to the edge of my face and, because they're bright blue, are really noticeable in my hairline. Even the Lad has had issues with this one.

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