Friday, 25 July 2014

REVIEW: Nail Drying Spray

I have super short nails. I bite them a lot. I try to grow them now and then and sometimes they get a good few mil of white along the edge before I gnaw them back off again.

I'm trying to grow them at the moment. I've watched plenty YouTube videos to know the standard way to give myself a nice manicure, but sometimes (most times) I can't be arsed. I usually get up, wash, makeup/hair done, breakfast and then, about ten minutes before I need to set off for work I think, hmm I could do with some polish on. 

I slap some colour on (at the moment it's Topshop Au Naturel - a nice opaque white), spray the drying spray on and there I go, done. It's not a top coat, but it makes my nails temporarily glossy. It doesn't make the polish last any longer, give my nails any more strength or make the polish look super fantastic, but for a quick fix, this is the best thing I've found.

Obviously, putting a top coat on before spraying this on will make the polish last longer, but you can find a good quick drying top coat that'll work for that purpose much better than this (cough* Seche Vite) but for a quickie manicure - my kind of manicure - this is da bomb.

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