Saturday, 5 July 2014

REVIEW: Olay Firm & Lift Primer

Early last month I went on a mission to find a good, reasonably priced primer.

My face is red, blemish prone and I have dark circles when I don't get enough sleep (aka, every day). I have freckles that I don't want to cover up and I'm not a fan of the cakey look anyway so slapping on the concealer/foundation is a no-no. Buggered, aren't I?

Well, maybe not.

I bought this on offer in Wilko's (yup, super high end girl here) and I think it was between £5 and £10, which for something I was unsure if it would a) work b) I actually need it c) I wanted to spend that money on something I wouldn't be able to see after applying, was a big step for me (okay, I'm a finacially retentive person).

This is a thick, green tinted, but mostly white primer. It's a glorified moisturiser and I use it exactly the same as I would use a moisturiser. It has a lovely smell too, which I adore.

I don't think it completely eradiated all my problems, but it definately tried to. It filled my pores in and made the blemishes less noticeable. The spots that had just come up remained angry and red, but the redness from old spots seemed more faded.

The blurb on the back is simple: "you'll look like you on a good day." A phrase I'd like to think is true whenever I put effort into my face, but yanno. I like this as maybe as more of a moisturiser-with-a-purpose, but overall, I would definately repurchase.

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