Tuesday, 5 August 2014

BAKE: Lemon Crumble Cake

Everybody loves cake.

I had a feeling in my belly the other day that cake was needed. I cracked out my trusty Good Housekeeping Baking Book and got ma bake on. 

Lemon is not a flavour that's usually used in any of the food in our home. The Lad doesn't right like citrus, so I was pushing boundaries with this one.

There's two parts to this recipe, the crumble topping and the sponge base. The brown parts in the picture show the sponge with the golden crumble on the top. I found it pretty easy to find all the ingredients in the cupboard and a short while to prepare. Didn't see the part where it takes 50 minutes to cook (so that went my quick feast idea), but it was well worth the wait.

Half a block of butter
250g sugar
125g plain flour
175g self raising flour
Lemon (in any of it's forms - I used essence, you could use the rind, juice, chunks... anything)
3 eggs
A good drop of vanilla essence

For the crumble first, just under half of the original half a block goes into the bowl and about the same weight of sugar goes in too. Mix it together and then add in all the plain flour so it looks like breadcrumbs.

Put the rest of the butter and sugar, the other flour, eggs, vanilla and I put a tonne of lemon essence into a bowl and mashed it about until it all combined. Then tipped out into a reasonably well sized tray (I over-estimated how big my batch was) and then press the crumble top all over until it's covered.

Whack in the oven until it looks good (or is firm, or is golden, or for 50 minutes at 180C) and then devour!

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