Wednesday, 6 August 2014

LIFE: 5 tips to organise your clothes

This is our wardrobe. In the centre of the wall we keep all our clothes on there's a tiny chimney breast - only forty five centimetres wide - so to utilise that space, instead of a traditional wardrobe, we chose this DIY.

1. Take out all your clothes
Pretty simple start, right?

2. Be rutheless
Th first port of call for unwanted clothes is always going to be the charity shop. Sometimes though the items are just bin ready. Frayed hems? Unpatchable holes? Do yourself and the charities a favour and bin it. If you want to treat your bank balance though, try selling the wearable items on Depop, eBay or local carboots.

3. Piles are your friends
Something you never thought you'd read? Well, there you go. I pile my clothes up into outfit components - trousers, tops, workwear etc, it means that it's much easier to put an outfit together.
For the hanging part, I don't organise by component as most of the things in there are either dresses or shirts so instead I sort by colour.

4. The return of the clothes
Don't put your clothes back in the same spot they were in before. Rotating your clothes around your wardrobe when you clear out means that it stays fresh and feels rejuvenated. The more you see an item the more likely you are to wear it.

5. Those sentimental items
Keep special items away from your everyday clothes to avoid confusion and/or possible damage. I keep mine wrapped up under my bed, but if you don't have the space try a vacuum packed bag and pop in the attic.

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