Thursday, 14 August 2014

LIFE: Childish behaviour

On Tuesday, for the first time in years, in probably a decade or so, I was called childish. 

For starters, I was hurt. Secondly, I was pissed off. Thirdly, I laughed.
I'd met them, maybe three times before that day and thought they were an okay person and then out of the blue, out comes this comment. It's stuck with me because I always openly ask for criticism. I believe that by asking people for their honest feedback of how I perform at work, at driving, at shopping, at baking, whatever... I'll gain an understanding of what I can do to improve.

The person that told me this though, was not saying it in a positive feedback way, but in a 'I want to see how you react' kind of way and as I thought that was uncalled for, I was left completely confused with the situation.

There are things I do and say and behave that I don't like, but a personal goal of mine is to slowly mould myself into something that I do. Currently, overall I do like myself. I think I could be less rash and more patient - with myself and others - but less childish?


Not really.

If you Google the word childish there are two definitions:

of, like, or appropriate to a child.
"childish enthusiasm"

silly and immature.
"a childish outburst"

I don't know what the subjective description of each of yours is on being 'childish', but for me it means seeing the glory in everything I do, living in the moment and taking risks. The opposite of childish is paying bills, doing a bloody good job at work and respecting everyone and everything.

I class myself as both those things. (People eat ice cream and jelly for tea sometimes, right?)

The one thing I want to do with my life is be happy and if that means embracing my childish side, then so be it. If that person wants to lose out on loving their life by wallowing in spite then good for them. 

Game on, mofo.


  1. OH I totally know how you feel. I myself have been called childish once. And even though it sounded negative, I don't see it that way. It's important to have a balance between childish and mature. Because when are people really mature? When they are serious all the fricking time? I just know that I would not be able to live without seeing beauty and fun in the small things in life. And if that's childish, well then I don't mind being a kid at heart. Great post! x Kayleigh // mylittlejeans

    1. I'm glad someone sees it the way I do! Proud to be childish at heart!

  2. Why do people do that? Its not really feedback is it, more intended to hurt feelings. Hope you are OK and you didnt let it get to you too much.

    1. Thank you! It did get to me to start with, but the more I think about it, the more I think how ridiculous it is. It's just a matter of time before he says something to someone and comes out of that conversation missing a few teeth :) (I hope to be there when it happens)


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