Monday, 11 August 2014

REVIEW: Bare Minerals Starter Kit (Light)

I'm normally a daily user of liquid face makeup and have never really ventured into the realm of mineral or powder before. I got this kit on an offer from feelunique a few weeks back.

There's a good amount of product in each of the little tubs (1.5g) and I can see it lasting me a good few months of daily use. I especially like that there's two shades of the foundation for me to try so I can match up which shade is best in different situations and base my future purchases on that.

Neat little idea, huh?

I'm not a great fan of the primer - silicone eat your heart out. It doesn't feel the most breathe-able thing ever so after a few tries to start, I began using my own. 

I've Youtube'd a few videos about how to apply it and the techniques to use to try to make it last a little bit longer, but I don't seem to have the skills to make it a day-long-face. By the time I've gone to work and sat down five hours later for my dinner, I basically have a bare face.

I do think this is a good option instead of liquid, but not for full coverage, and only for brief meetings or errands.

The only other thing to note is that the brushes shed an absolute shit load. I've been using them for about a month, probably longer now, and I am covered in little bits of brush when I'm finished. 

For the price, I think it was worth it and I'd recommend the kit for anyone wanting to try the brand out. I'm going to invest in some other fluffy face brushes and see if that helps me applying it, but for now I'm a little on the fence as to whether this will be a permanent addition to my daily regime.

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