Friday, 22 August 2014

REVIEW: The cheap mascara

I used to be a I'm-only-going-to-use-expensive-makeup type of gal, but once the Student Loans dried up, the cheaper versions just seemed to appeal more.

Guess you might've already guessed that from previous posts, huh?

I picked this up a couple of weeks ago for a whole £2.30. Didn't expect too much. All I wanted from this was for it to make my eyelashes black. And, yeah, it did that.

But it's also opened my eyes in other aspects too.

I've used other 'volumising' and 'curling' mascaras before and always been disappointed, even with the more expensive versions. Each one has had something missing - either/ or, rather than both.

The wand is huge, like super massive, but still easy to maneover across my lashes. It covers evenly and hasn't yet clumped (I'm waiting for that to happen - it always happens so surely this one will?) and it lasts all day. I've never had that either. I've always had to reapply at some stage, but this beauty just keeps on holding. Doesn't flake, doesn't drop. Just holds.

The curling part of this formula is awesome too. I have dead straight lashes usually despite always curling them before applying mascara* so I was chuffed when after nine hours at work I came home to lashes that looked exactly the same as the minute I applied my makeup.

I'm in love.

*I used to curl after applying mascara too, but the combination of supermarkets own lash curlers and brittle mascara meant my lashes broke off to about 2mm in length. I've just asked the Lad and he assures me that my lashes today look about 6mm (although I think he's trying to flatter me more than be precise).

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