Tuesday, 19 August 2014

REVIEW: Maybelline Baby Lips

I'm not a lipstick girl. Well, unless you count the amount of times I've eaten the lipstick I tried to apply.

Last weekend, I went to a leaving do for a work colleague. I left everything kinda late. The shoes, the dress, the makeup. Typical. On a rush trip into town about three hours before meeting everyone, I spied these little beauts.

I chose Pink Punch and Cherry Me.

These are a superb alternative to a lipstick. I especially liked that although the colour was stronger than I thought for them being a lip balm, it didn't leave any odd marks around my lips as it wore off - something I find most lipsticks do.

I also like that they haven't made it specifically for colour and forgotten that this product is a lip balm, it's super moisturising and glossy. Win, win so far.

I haven't found a downfall with them, really. The size is perfect for popping in my bag. The colours are ace. They last reasonably well. They smarten up a mediocre day face. The price is spot on.

What more can I say?

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