Monday, 25 August 2014

REVIEW: Nivea Cleansing Mousse

I loved the thought of liquid being turned into mousse in the squirt of a bottle. Too good to be true I thought, and on this occasion I was right.

It does turn a liquid into a mousse, but it's not a very good mousse. I expected thick and claggy to drag the dirt off in one fell swoop - what I got what a floaty bubbly mass that disappated, within seconds, to nothing.

Think instead of a Rolo Yoghurt Mousse from Tesco, you get a sample of the bubbles from your dads bath water.

Ain't a super thought, that.

It cleanses a bit. If you were having a no makeup day and just wanted a freshen up, this is perfect. If you had a full face on, eyeliner and all, this is definately not tough enough.

It doesn't grip the dirt very well on the first try, however if you're into double cleansing then this might make the cut to be the second cleanser.

It's a shame, but alongside the other cleansers and soap I have sat next to the basin in the bathroom, this has made its way fairly quickly to the back.

Points for trying, Nivea. Better luck next time.

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