Sunday, 10 August 2014


This weekend has been awesome.

I had Friday off work and went to the coast. I burnt my fingertips on super hot sand from under the bbq, not the best move I've ever made, so a quick trip to the nearest Tesco for some plasters meant we ended up in town. I've never been into Scarborough town before so it was nice to explore and find some new places.

I'm a proud member of Mecca Bingo (fun fact about me, that) although we don't go that often so I got a text from mecca saying that because they missed me (awwh), a friend and I could get in for free. Bingo! - literally and metaphorically. The Lad didn't win, neither did I and my mum, who came along for some shits and giggles, didn't either. Fail or no though, it was really fun.

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