Sunday, 14 September 2014

HOW TO: Get a perfect cat flick

This is my eye. My deep set eye.

(I know my brow skillz aint that great, okay, lets just say the editing didn't go in my favour.)

Focusing on the eyeliner then...

I've tried a lot of techniques to get 'the perfect liner' on my droopy eyes. I'm twenty four, but my eyelids wouldn't look out of place on a seventy four year old.

The best way of finding a technique that suits you, is to try them all. None work for me. My eye shape is just not quite right for any of the ones I've found to make my eyes look lifted and bright. 

Below is a step-by-step guide (if you can really call it that) to how I apply my liner every day. Hallelujah to my discoloured naked eye area!

1. I blob a bit of black on the outer edge of my eyelid. Not particularly close to the lashes - we'll tidy that bit up later.

2. Drag the colour further up the eyelid to about half way making sure the line thins towards the centre of the eye. I then use whatever's left on the brush to bring a bit of colour down into the other half of my eyelid, petering it out as I go. Using the outer corner of the blob I made first, I make a line outwards from my eye to create a basic flick. It makes my eye look droopy, but Step 3 corrects this.

3. Thicken the flick and drag along the lashes upward. At this point you can make your flick higher, longer, thicker, thinner, lower, whatever. I usually drop the bottom slightly to create a subtle curve to it, add a little length and point the very end upwards - my puppy eyes look less droopy then and the flick reaches beyond my natural crease line so it's visible wherever I'm looking.

4. Take either a liner pencil or liquid liner (I find either of these easier to use than gel at this point) and run it along the tightline/waterline of your top lids making sure there's no patchiness. Add some mascara and you're done!

TOP TIPS: if you make a mistake using liquid liner, get a cotton bud, wet it with your mouth and then wipe away. If you're using a gel, use makeup remover and wipe away with a clean, dry cotton bud.

I also notice that in the first picture I'm looking downwards and in the last picture I'm looking up a bit so it's not an exact science-y How To, but hopefully you get the gist. 


  1. Great tutorial! I still feel like it's going to take ages before I can do this perfectly :D! But one day I will!

    Evelin Kivi blog

    1. Thank you! Practise, practise, practise!


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