Saturday, 20 September 2014

HOW TO: The Red Lip

In my whole life I've worn lipstick, maybe, three times? Once when nude was really in and I looked albino with the all the powdering and the nudeness. The others for the Christmas Party in December last year and a leaving party way back in April. So I've never worn lipstick on the daily.

Until now.

You know those times when you don't really want to make an effort? Can't be arsed to wash your hair? Can't be bothered with hours of blending foundation and concealer and whatever else?

Well, this happened to me today.

I watched the latest A Beautiful Mess video and I saw one of the girls with awesome bright lips and peachy cheeks to match. I was like - yupp. So I gave it go.

I haven't washed my hair today, haven't brushed my teeth. If I didn't have to go down the shop then I'd still be in my pjamas. But, the red lip detracts from all that, doesn't it? The effort to put on the lipstick outweighs the lack off effort everywhere else. I hope.

Well, in any case, it's pretty simple and took me about five minutes to do.

1. Moisturise and Illuminate. Healthy skin doesn't just happen. Usually anyway. Give yourself a solid base to work with by hydrating that skin and faking the glow - something I reckon most people have to do on the colder mornings.

2. Conceal. Everyone has blemishes, even on a really good skin day. I have major dark circles, despite having slept super well this week, so I popped a bit of a correcting concealer under there and on any pimples I have which means the base is complete!

3. Blush. I used the blush on my cheeks where the highest points of my natural flush. Then I took what was left on my fingers and brush and swept a bit under my brows. I saw a lady do this once and it ties the face together really well so I thought I'd try it too.

4. Brows. Still natural, but bolder than usual. This evens out the bold lip once you're finished.

5. Liner and mascara. Create a very simple, very basic black line to pull the eye outwards and wake them up a bit. Don't bother with the tightline, just whack on some mascara and that's your eyes done!

6. The Lip. I chose a slightly orange toned lip. I have two to choose from, the other being a tad darker, but the orange keeps the look fresh and simple.

Voila! Now I can spend the rest of the day inevitably smudging it about.

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