Friday, 5 September 2014

LIFE: 5 home jobs for September

1. Deep clean your kitchen.
Hearty meals require little planning and preferably just one Le Creuset pot. Clearing the cupboards out, giving them a wipe down, replacing any cracked/encrusted/disgusting pans in the process will help create the best homemade meal in the shortest time possible.

2. Buy your basics
Whilst everything's out of the cupboards, now's the time to see what's out of date, what's running out and what need's to be put on the next shopping list. My last shop included salt, olive oil, oxo cubes, flour, sugar and Stork butter. The main base ingredients for main meals and desserts alike.
In the same way, check levels of washing up liquid, washing detergent, room sprays, wet wipes etc, and bulk buy. You'll be spending a lot more time indoors over the coming months than the ones just gone, so make sure it's a prepared, clean environment!

3. Empty your shit drawers
I have eight shit drawers (drawers I shove anything and everything) in our living room. Recently I've cleared out three. Baskets are probably the best investment here. That way it's easier to group things together whilst tidying up and makes finding things quicker afterwards.

4. A lick of paint
The best way to freshen up a home is to repaint. Not necessarily with a new colour, but a quick once over with the same colour to get rid of any marks and scuffs can really rejuvenate a whole room. 

5. Change your bedding
This year I'm going mental for bedding. It's weird how just a different fabric, texture or colour can change the whole feeling of a bedroom. I've chosen neutral colours to help us relax, but you could go for bold and beautiful. I also got us a throw for over our tootsies on a night. It's a visually nice, but also practical addition to our usually bare bedroom.


  1. These ideas are great, I do these things once every month and its so refreshing to have everything in order. Great post! x kayleigh // mylittlejeans

    1. Wish I was as organised as you! My remaining shit drawers are on the agenda next, and then the whopper of clearing out the attic. Blergh!

  2. Great tips, I really need to get my drawers organised, I'm so guilty of shoving anything into them!


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