Tuesday, 16 September 2014

LIFE: 5 things every potential cat owner should know

I am first and foremost a dog person. My first ever memory is of our two old Labradors sticking their faces in right close to mine. When I was about thirteen, we got a cat. What a game changer that was. Nowadays, the Lad and I have two cats. Both black and white. One boy and one girl.

1. Cats love people
Cats have a bad rep for hatin'. Some cats really do hate, but you can usually tell from wherever you're getting yours from whether the cat likes people or not. Both our cats seek us out on an evening to curl up next to us, push their ways in front of whatever book or blog we're reading and dribble in ecstasy when we finally give in and rub their ears. 

2. Cats are good mates
If you're crying in front of the TV at a baby advert - a cat will be there wondering why you're raining on its back. If you're storming about wanting to punch someone in the face - a cat will stay out of your way. If you just want to eat a whole tub of ice cream - a cat will help you. There's nothing better than a cat best friend.

3. A cat will poo anywhere it wants
All of my family have cats. All of those cats have chosen to poo somewhere other than the designated kittylitter area. My dad's loves to occasionally dump it's load in the bath tub. My mum's has a penchant for TV wires. One of ours loves a good rug. Despite having a litter tray or even a door to the outside world, a cat will, at some point in it's life, choose to poo elsewhere. It's not just your cat - every cat will do it.

4. Treat your cat like a kid
Don't baby it (well sometimes, maybe, okay then), but give it clear boundaries to adhere to. I'm not saying it will stick to them all the time, but if it knows it's not meant to do something then the chances are it won't take the piss. Our cats know:
Not to go upstairs without invitation
Touch any kitchen surface, excepting the floor and a designated chair
Scratch anything that is not the scratching post(s)
Meowing does not mean food
Big eyes does not mean food

On the whole our cats do abide by these rules. Sometimes it doesn't work. The younger of our two tries to slink upstairs to have a mooch about and a roll on the beds, but if he catches me watching him, he'll pretend to sniff the bottom step and saunter away. I know that if/when I'm not there, he'd have a right good time rolling about, but he knows he's not meant to. And we keep all the doors closed when we leave the house - ha! in your face Cat!

5. Quality time is better than no time at all
You might worry that working shifts/having full time work/other commitments would mean that you are unsuitable for getting a cat. Wrong! I know the Cats Protection have some fairly high standards, but cats really don't need that much time with you. As long as the time spent with you is quality time, everything is A-OK. On a morning I have a quick hello, feed, scratch and rub down whilst I have my breakfast on a morning. On an evening I might brush the older, more long haired one whilst the younger one dozes on my lap. One to one, or even one to two, time makes them feel loved and in return they'll make you feel loved as soon as you come home.

When you're not at home, a cat will probably be lounging about, eating and licking its bits so when you finish work it's ready for the mad half hour to begin!


  1. This post is right on point! I myself have two cats too. And I love them with all my heart. But I have to say that my cats are really neat and never pooped anywhere else than the litterbox or outside. *proudmommyfeels*. But I do believe It's in a cats nature to go anywhere when it needs to. Great post! x kayleigh // mylittlejeans

    1. Haha! You'll have that to look forwards to then ;)


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