Monday, 29 September 2014

OUTFIT: Dem Autumnal Layers

Vest & Boots: Peacocks, All other items: H&M

In the past few months I've been a good grown-up and bought a lot of things that could be considered mundane. For example, carpets for the entirety of the upstairs and going all out and getting the cambelt on my car changed on top of a full service.

Two things that cost me a lot of money, but that make me super happy. (or rather, way happier than they probably should)

After those splurges, I thought it time to spend a little bit on things that make me feel good in myself rather than my property.

Cue a massive shopping spree.

I didn't spend as much as I thought I would. Instead of aimlessly adding things to my basket, I considered where, when and what with I would style the items. So unlike my eighteen year old self going for the trendier type pieces, I went for basic. Good colours, good textures, good practicalities, multipurpose.

Oh, hey middle age, didn't see you right there!

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