Sunday, 21 September 2014

LIFE: Make your home Pinterest worthy

This is a desk that my mum bought me around ten years ago from IKEA.

It's pale blue with a pull out white shelf for a keyboard. All in all, not exactly Pinterest worthy, but I create all my best work sat right here.

Yes, I also have a random dowel next to my vase. No idea.

I feel that sometimes interiors are a bit of a competition. I've noticed a lot of bloggers are now posting up pictures of immaculate areas of their homes sporting items that cost more than a monthly pay packet for both me and the Lad combined. Recreating something like that is just not possible for us.

Or is it?

I like a bit of a bargain. Some of the items I've seen in blog pictures recently are the high priced version of exactly the same thing in a cheaper store. Being savvy about home purchases is where you can create the look you want in your home without blowing all your cash. 

My favourite places are local charity shops . They have some beautiful furniture at great prices in them. In one such shop, I saw a white desk. Identical to mine, but white. At first I didn't realise, but when I did it made me look at my blue one with fresh eyes.

All I did here was grab a cuppa and bash some cheap roses from Morrison's in a glass to take this photo. I doubt it'll be on Pinterest any time soon, but the simplicity and organisation in it makes me proud. I'd pin dat.

And aside from £2 for fresh flowers, it was completely free. Winner.

Other places to consider for an awesome home:
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  1. I completely agree with you! SO much so that I just HAD to pin this to Pinterest!! ;)


    1. Ha! You cannot imagine how much you just made my day :D

  2. Fantastic tips! And I love how this shows it is possible on a budget too! Great blog :)


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