Thursday, 18 September 2014

LIFE: Rejection

We regret to advise that you have not been successful in being progressed to the next stage in the recruitment process.

Unfortunately, due to the volume of interest that our roles generate, we are unable to provide feedback.

I applied for a job. As you do. I got this rejection letter the other other day. As I think a lot of people do. In a way it's good I got a letter informing me that I hadn't got through. But, still.

Do I feel gutted? Yes, yes I do.

Will life go on? Yes, course it will.

Rejection, in any way, does not make the world stop. Even when it feels like it. There's a bright side to everything. 

Can't have a shadow without the sun (just like you can't eat a full cooked breakfast and not be happy).

True dat.

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