Thursday, 4 September 2014

REVIEW: Daylight Bulbs

I've been thinking about getting a daylight bulb for a while now. 5:30am starts aren't so bright any more and with our house undergoing a bit of an overhaul I thought that it's about time I invested and made our house a home that functions to meet our early morning needs.

I bought this one from amazon for £6.99.

First impressions are that it reminds me of a flourescent strip light like the ones in hospitals or underground carparks. It's so stark and bright in contrast to a normal lightbulb. It's crazy good though. I'll come out of the main bedroom and be like 'why have I got the curtains closed and the lights on in here when the sun's up?' to then realise it's not the sun shining through the back bedroom, it's this bulb.

It's much easier to do stuff with this light on. Everything seems ten times clearer. It's kinder on our eyes. It manages to light up everything, even usually dark corners. It wakes me up faster on a morning. It's easier to spend time on the laptop. Way better for applying makeup correctly. 

Despite it's bright starkness, once I'm in the room it seems normal. Not too bright, not too stark.

All round this is a great buy.

For £6.99, this particular one is a mid range model. Daylight bulbs start from about £3.50 and range upward of £19 depending on the fitting, wattage and brand.

Plan of action: kit out the remaining rooms with daylight bulbs whilst not injuring my bank balance too much.

(Got to keep some moolah spare for a Boots haul, amiright?)

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