Wednesday, 10 September 2014

REVIEW: PRO:VOKE Touch Of Silver

When I first went back to my beloved blonde, I wanted to ensure that no brassiness came through. A quick look through the haircare aisle at my local supermarket lead me to these.

My blonde hasn't faded one bit since I had it done about three months ago. Admittedly, I did blast it. The colour I chose was meant to be brown, but it took much, much lighter. Although my hair is still super blonde, it sometimes looks a bit dull and needs livening up a bit.

The range works well together, like any range of products, they're meant to. However, the only one I think really works as it claims to is the Twice Weekly Brightening Shampoo. Despite trying to see a difference when I use the others, after I use this dream product I get really lovely comments about my hair from people at work, including customers. For me, that's a big giveaway as to whether a product works. 

Men. At work. Noticing hair? You're onto a winner there.

Overall it's a pretty average range of products. It's obviously not going to keep the blonde looking as fresh as it was when it was first done, but it'll help a smidgen. Still on the fence as to whether the normal shampoo and conditioner work 100%, but if you want a cheap pick-me-up for sad looking blonde hair, the Brightening Shampoo is the one for you.

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