Saturday, 11 October 2014

LIFE: The difference between knowing and assuming

Facebook and I have a love/hate relationship.

I've been in trouble a few times with family members and friends about the types of things I post on there. Safe to say I don't toe the line when it come to holding back on there.

Recently, I posted a status that, in hindsight, could have been seen to incorporate my workplace into a frustrated rant. In a lot of ways, it was not about my workplace, but due to recent events at work I can see why some people would think otherwise.

After a few days of leaving it up and being warned by said family and friends about it, I changed the privacy settings. I'll be damned if I'm deleting the whole thing because what I said was entirely true, but I'm going for promotion not the sack so whatever.

However, it did get me thinking about what people assume and what actually is.

It could have been about the bloke I know who was coming to fix my windscreen not turning up. And after numerous calls, still didn't turn up despite me having to drive to work and that being completely illegal. 

It could have been about The Lad saying he would help move all the decorating things up into the attic, but went off to the allotment instead and wasn't sorry about leaving me surrounded by 10 litre tubs of paint to heft into the loft all on my own.

Or it could have been about me having an issue at work.

Whatever the reason behind my posting it, I didn't want to offend anyone in particular (note the trouble with people about my status' in the past) so I was very, very careful about how I worded the status. I did not mention who I was frustrated with, what scenario I had an issue with was or where I was when the issue occurred.

For the purpose of this explanation this is the status I posted:

Fuming. Just fuming.
Laziness fucks me off almost as much as fannying does. And Christ on a bicycle, today has been filled with too many excuses and no chuffing action.
If I die of high blood pressure during the rest of today, my family will sue. Promise that. Nob.

You could assume a lot of things and situations from that. I understand that completely, but, and this is a big but, assuming does not always lead you to the correct answer.

Be careful what you read and how you interpret it. And also be careful of what you post and how you want to be interpreted.

I think Sam Pepper knows what I mean.

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