Friday, 10 October 2014

REVIEW: Contraception - Levest

In February this year I was changed from Microgynon 30 to Levest.

On paper, these two combined pills are exactly the same. However, I reacted very differently to both and, because there's only very few reviews of contraception about, I thought I'd share my experience with you.

Things that happened when I was on Levest:
- I cried every single day. 
For absolutely no reason, I'd start weeping. When I was driving, when I was watching tv, when I was trying to get to sleep, when I was brushing my teeth. I have honestly never cried so much.

- I felt like everyone was finding fault with me.
To the point where car adverts made me feel insufficient.

- I didn't trust my judgement.
I was second guessing everything I did. Why did I choose the full fat version of the soured cream instead of the low fat? Why did I say hello to that customer at work so cheerfully? I looked like a tit getting out of my car on my own driveway just then.

- I put on a load of weight.
I've been exactly 8 stone since I was 14. I gained 1.5 stone in four weeks. It got to the point where I struggled to get my work trousers (which are boyfriend jeans - I work in a warehouse) done up and I thought I was pregnant.

- My periods were super light.
Something I was quite glad about!

- My face broke out.
I have a hit and miss relationship with spots, but this took the piss. Spots that were fading would come up again repeatedly on my chin and forehead. Those horrible red, underlying spots started brewing on my cheeks - I rarely get spots on my cheeks. My skin was dry, but oily all at the same time and I couldn't find a product to help get rid.

- I was very demotivated.
I put no effort into our home - I didn't wash up, wash our clothes, was our bedding, wash my hair everyday. I stopped trying to help at work, put any input into meetings, talk to anyone.

- My libido increased.
As a side effect to the Microgynon 30 I was on before, I had no libido at all before trying Levest.

I experienced all of these things in the six weeks before The Lad marched me back to the Doctors. It was a pretty instant reaction and I'm glad he made me go back and change.

I'm interested if anyone else has had a reaction like this to Levest?

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  1. I had almost the same reaction to Cilest! It was the worst pill in the world to me, I had paranoia and I felt like I was loosing it. I cried all the time, I couldn't go to work, even my mum had to take time off as I wouldn't be left on my own incase the monster (that I had created) came at me. The only tv I could watch without freaking out was cbeebies! It was the worst I've ever felt in my life and I was so glad to be changed to Mercilon!
    Mary-Ann xx
    Angel Flicks


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