Thursday, 30 October 2014

REVIEW: Tea Tree Anti-Spot Stick

I have never used a direct Tea Tree type approach to my spots before. I used to be a Sudocreme lover, but that isn't always the most attractive route to dealing with facial blemishes, so earlier this year I decided to try out a stick treatment.

First impressions, my spots didn't respond in the way I thought they would. Usually they flare up for about a week or two and then start drying up, but this nipped them in the bud. If I see a dubious red patch appearing on my chin, I whack this out and it doesn't get any bigger. Any of them. Ever.

I've tried it on spots that have already been 'emptied' and it heals them up fast, tried it on spots that have barely come up yet and on patches where there's numerous trying to spoil my complexion, it works really well at reducing the swelling and redness and just getting rid of them altogether.

I'm chuffed to have this in my bathroom cabinet, ready for any emergencies. For a small product, it packs a mighty punch.

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