Friday, 24 October 2014

REVIEW: Witch Gel Cleanser

After the run-in with foam cleansers, I decided to go back to more durable options. Gels are not amongst my favourite cleansers. They're thick and hard to move around. But, I gave this one a shot anyway.

First, I love the pump on this. Makes it so easy to get product out and get the right amount out in one go. No faff. Instant love.

Secondly, my usual pet peev wasn't an issue. Although it starts off thick and unmoveable, after a bit of lathering it creates a lovely creamy-type lather that removes all makeup in a second.

It's kind on the eyes too, if like me you tend to end up with half the lather in them by the end of it.

There's not really any scent other than the usual witchhazel whiff and the packaging is a clean looking, sleek design.

Overall, a nice product from Witch.

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