Tuesday, 11 November 2014

LIFE: Say no

I was recently called an anomaly. A lot nicer than the last term used to describe me at work.

An anomaly because I work harder than I should for my job role. Weird? Well, not really. To get shit done, I've found that doing it myself always works a treat. But, and the big 'but' here, is I know my limits.

There's a very fine line between saying what you think and being plain rude. I find that by saying no and sticking up for your side of the argument (be logical about it though), not only do you find people listen more, but you respect yourself more too. At work I know what the day's priorities are and I know the time frame I have to get them finished. If something crops up that isn't a priority I don't do it if I can't get the first things done properly.

It's just the way I am and my managers know that. 

Taking the no route, doesn't always close doors, it creates new ones. Saying no doesn't lead to dislike, but admiration. You can swing this both ways and say the same about the yes route, but from where I am, it seems a lot of people choose the yes route without thinking it through.

I'm not saying being a 'yes wo/man' has to be a negative thing. I've seen people go real far by being yes people. That route is not for me and I've seen people fall by the wayside from not giving it a go either.

When you say no, always have a reason.

Once I was asked to work a Sunday by a company I hated working for so I said no. When they asked why, I said 'because God didn't work a Sunday' and left the room. They never asked me to work a Sunday again, but I got my contract raised during the week.

Wherever you are, whatever you do, saying no can give you the freedom to pick and choose what you do. That freedom is basically confidence. Confidence in yourself. 

And the best part?

I'm atheist.

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  1. I'm trying to be more of a no person! As a fellow atheist, I like the god excuse. I mostly use god as an excuse to eat chocolate (Easter) and all the food (Christmas).


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