Friday, 14 November 2014


If you're anything like me and you never buy stuff as soon as it comes out, then you might be interested in this. If you've already jumped on the bandwagon with this, then sorry I'm so late. Well, it's more a case of sorrynotsorry.

(Can you tell which book I'm reading next?)

To a degree I loved this book. It was honest and direct and everything I love in a person as well as a book. Sophia is just a girl. A woman. With massive balls. And she just tells things as it is. I love that. I love her. She's an amazing woman.

But to flip side this, I really wanted to finish it. I couldn't wait for it to end. The self glorying was awesome to start, but I was bored and impatient throughout the last chapter (which, granted, isn't that long anyway).  I didn't want to be mean about it. I couldn't put it down for the most part, but I was disappointed as well. I think the hype has put it on a pedestal and I don't think it looks right up there. 

I'd recommend reading it though, to open your eyes to your potential, it's amazing for making you believe you can get your shit sorted and rule the world.

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