Saturday, 8 November 2014

REVIEW: Good Things

On a, not so recent, trip to Boots I stumbled across this brand and I loved the packaging (sucker), so bought a couple of items. I've featured both of these in Battle posts before, but every time I use them it's an unexpected joy so I thought I'd tell you a bit more.

Random, I know.

Firstly, the smell of these products are ay-may-zing. It's unusual now, I think, to find a skincare range that has it's own distinctive smell and one that lasts! The fruity smells aren't ridiculously sweet either - more smoothie like. Almost like I've just washed my face with actual fruit.

Secondly, the quality should be heralded. For the price of this range I'm really impressed. The scrub has just the right size/distribution of particles and the mask is just the right thickness to work the skin as it claims to. 

Thirdly, just look at the packaging. For what is essentially a supermarket range I loooove the look of these products. Just the right amount of detail and just the right amount of clean copy. Basically, no shit. And it looks great because of it.

Considering this range is made by a beauty writer (Alice Hart-Davis, to be exact) this is a superb collection of products and large brands should take note.

Oh, and just to pop the cherry on the cake here, it's completely free from any parabens, SLS or mineral oils so it's even better for your skin and the environment.


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  1. Papaya & licorice. Oooh I really want to smell that one. I love that the brand is easy on your skin & good for the environment. Definitely some bonuses. :] // ☼ ☯


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