Friday, 21 November 2014

REVIEW: Maybelline Colour Drama Intense Velvet Lip Pencil

I chose the colour Light It Up because it's a rich, but not too dark, red. My favourite. Although I can't keep lip colour on to save my life, I like it.

It's a soft consistency that glides on beautifully. The only issue I encoutered here was that the sharp nib grew flat and fat very quickly. Trying to get a sharp line around the edge of my lips was a definate challenge. Once on it felt lovely, looked glossy and made me feel a million dollars.

It lasted about 20 minutes before I ate a biscuit and it started wearing off. First at the edges of my mouth, then along the inner bits of my lips and then, once I looked in the mirror 30 minutes later and only had a fat line around the edges of my lips left, I took it off.

Practise needed.

Second try. I moisturised my lips with Burts Bees. Then applied the pencil. I put a Topshop lipstick over the top in nearly the exact same colour and waited. This time I ate the colour. Not biscuit necessary.

More patience needed.

Third try. I applied a super thin layer of colour all over my lips and patted it out with my finger then I put a bit of Burt Bees lip balm on a different, clean, finger an rubbed that over the top. Success!

Although it didn't last all that long - maybe a couple of hours or so - it lasted way longer than any lip colour I've ever used before and the Burts Bees nourished my lips alongside it. I'm a happy bunny, for now.


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  2. I'm thinking of buying this colour as I myself own the berry coloured lip pencil. Which I also reviewed here. And i absolutely LOVE the maybelline lip pencils. I also combined the pencil with a lip balm. I think this is the best combination. Great review! x kayleigh // mylittlejeans


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