Wednesday, 19 November 2014

VISIT: Afternoon tea at Cedar Court Grand Hotel in York

Before I go anywhere these days, I read reviews. Whether that's a cottage to stay in, a restaurant to eat in or a museum to visit. I like to know I'll get my moneys worth. Last week I was invited for an afternoon tea at the Cedar Court Hotel. I've walked past it a millions times, but never been in so I was very excited.

I'm sure that the man I hit with the door on the way in should've opened it for me and the women at the desk should've stopped talking for me to find out where I was going, but neither of these things happened.

The decor in this place is fantastic though so I was distracted by staring around me more than put out by the staff at this point. I was totally awed. So awed in fact that I also didn't mind standing at the next desk waiting for the man to finish his phone call for five minutes before addressing me. At this point he took my coat, which was proved this place is posher than anywhere I've ever been before and showed me to our table. It was a reasonably small room (compared to the 50 metres of corridor I'd just walked down to get to it), warm, but not too warm and there was a fair few people in there so the atmosphere was nice.

Once my friends arrived, we were served with table water, prosecco and given the tea menu. The tea came in silver teapots. Lemon came along with milk. After a short while, the sandwiches and cakes arrived. A separate table had to be set up because it was so large.  I was like woah, this place is cray - awed again. The food was divine. The scones were warmed, there was an absolutely beautiful trifle in a pot and everyone was suitably stuffed by the time we finished. 

I could not fault the food, the room or the politeness of the waiting staff, but there was a weird awkwardness about them that I felt should've been coming from little ol' me rather than the staff. The staff felt like they were out of place and that didn't make me feel comfortable at all. Possible excuses aside, there were people sat in that room I wouldn't be surprised to see having afternoon tea behind Binky and Lucy on MIC so I expected a much more assured attitude from the staff.

Despite that, I had a lovely afternoon and I would definately visit again, hopefully on a more uplifting day for the people who work there.

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