Sunday, 28 December 2014


Only two days to cram in as many people as possible was not the most desirable way to spend Christmas. It flew, far too fast, and now I'm back at work. December is always my least favourite month. Everyone always counts down to it's end and then mourns it passing.

Next year I vow to spend more time just sat in the now, rather than planning ahead. Christmas should be the slowest day of the year and enjoyed because of it.

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

HOW TO: Last minute DIY gift in five easy steps

You will need:
Little pots (I used these)
Sand of any colour (I used this or you can use gravel again)
Little houseplants

I bought two houseplants back in April, since then they've filled their pots and sprouted tiny babies along the edges, so I cut them off and used them. If you don't have a houseplant already, I suggest you get one for next year.

1. Fill the bottom of the pot with gravel. Because my pots are clear and there's no drainage hole in the bottom, this was crucial. If you use terracotta pots with a drainage hole in the bottom, you won't need to use as many as I did here.

2. Then bash a bit of soil in. I bought a bag from B&Q for about £2.

3. Pick one of your cuttings and pop that in too making sure the roots fit in the container you're using. Don't try to cram it in because your plant won't like it and your present will most likely die pretty fast otherwise.

4. Make sure you press the soil down firmly so there's no air gaps in the soil and so your cutting is supported.

5. Fill the rest of your container up with sand or gravel. I used sand as an example in the pictures, but with the other houseplant I just popped some gravel around the top. It means that the soil will retain more moisture than not.

Monday, 22 December 2014

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

LIFE: 3 thoughts about depression

(Sorry, I don't know who to credit this picture with)

The Lad is a depressive person. Not in the way he brings down a cheerful room or brings negative thoughts to a discussion, nothing like that, but more that he sometimes sinks into times of major 'meh'ness.

As a fairly pragmatic and positive person, I struggle to negotiate these times of emotional downward spiral and make sure that the Lad feels okay. I don't want him to jump from the rooftops, I just want him to be okay.

I can't really get that across in a one-to-one conversation, because conversation at the minute is pretty one sided with occasional grunts from him, but I thought that for anyone else in a place like him or living with a person like me, maybe these three points will help you get across the grunt/convo boundary.

1. Pull your weight.
Whether that's washing up, paying your bills, organising a doctors appointment, tidying one room, putting a wash on, going to the shop or just getting dressed. You might be feeling like complete and utter shite right now, but the less you do, the more I have to. And the more stuff I have to do, the less time I have to spend just being with you and talking. Or not talking. Whatever you want. You will be surprised at how I will react and respond to even the smallest of efforts.

2. Alone time works both ways.
So you want to sit and stare at the ceiling in silence. Great, I get it. So, when I want to sit and look at the ASOS new in section, just leave me to it. I'm not ignoring you. I don't love you any less. I'm not planning ways to get rid of you. I'm just having quality time to myself.

3. Talk.
You might think I won't understand, but just try me. Just talk. Tell me how you feel. Tell me what thoughts you're thinking. What plans you have. What lack of plans you have. Tell me what you want from me. What you need from me. Listen to what I need and want. Let's just talk, okay? Maybe, just maybe, I can help you feel better.

Monday, 15 December 2014

REVIEW: Bourjois Velvet Rouge Edition Matt Lip

After seeing this on Lily and reading good reviews online, I thought I'd give it a go. I bought it the day before it went on offer in Boots for just under £9.

For that money I would have hoped for more. I find this lipstick/gloss difficult to apply and it immediately highlights the drier areas of my lips. I chose a dark shade (Grand Cru) so maybe that's the reason behind it's clinginess being so obvious, but still, not impressive.

After a bit of fiddling about, I got it to work by effectively mixing it with a lip balm, although then it wasn't a matt finish. So, fail.

Friday, 12 December 2014

WANT: Red & Gold Christmas

Garland, Ikea £4; Napkins, H&M £1.99  ; Cream and Gold pot, H&M £7.99  ; Tins; Ikea £4.75; Table runner, Ikea £5  ; Candle, H&M £3.99

Monday, 8 December 2014

REVIEW: Sally Hansen Maximum Growth

This formula is lovely. A smooth, quick drying thin sheen that makes any nail look instantly more attractive and doesn't wear, peel or chip off. Despite continuing to bite my nails, I noticed that they were stronger and I didn't bite as much of them off in one go as I normally do.

For a girl who very rarely has white tips, I have about 1mm of white tip on each of my nails now (a mean feat for me!) and although polish still doesn't look as good on me as on Estee I'm feeling more confident that my nails look okay when I go out.

In one week, my thumb nails grew from the nasty stumps that I bite them down to, to long talons that reached the end of my actual thumb (again, an achievement for me).

Although I think this is more of a gimmick then a miracle product, the whole concept works nicely because of the great formula. Any chipping or peeling polish usually attracts a good nail biting session so to have a varnish that sticks and lasts well is a God send!

Thursday, 4 December 2014

READ: Not That Kind Of Girl

Ah, Lena, you little gem. Writing about women the way women don't really want to be written about, but telling stories that every woman can relate to and secretly wishes she could tell everyone about. Well... maybe.

I love this for that reason though. I read reviews on Amazon and some negative comments were made about how it didn't teach them anything or find any stories relevant. It's an autobiography. You don't need to 'learn' anything from it - except that maybe your family isn't as cool as hers is.

Were the stories relevant - undoubtably yes. Inappropriate touching, rape, mental abuse, a woman recounting her troubled girlhood are all relevant. Each person has their own view on the world and this is hers. Albeit, a very skewed life to the one I've been living. I don't see this book as something to be judged, but something to read, take in and ponder about. If one single person looks at the world in this way to you, then it's a view that should be respected. Not shouted down.

I fully loved reading this book. It's not boring. Not deceptive. Not unrealistic. A bit far fetched compared to my life, but a good eye opener because of it.

I am so glad Lena exists.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

THREE THINGS: About Change

1. It will always happen.
2. You will change.
3. Don't fear it, embrace it.
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