Wednesday, 24 December 2014

HOW TO: Last minute DIY gift in five easy steps

You will need:
Little pots (I used these)
Sand of any colour (I used this or you can use gravel again)
Little houseplants

I bought two houseplants back in April, since then they've filled their pots and sprouted tiny babies along the edges, so I cut them off and used them. If you don't have a houseplant already, I suggest you get one for next year.

1. Fill the bottom of the pot with gravel. Because my pots are clear and there's no drainage hole in the bottom, this was crucial. If you use terracotta pots with a drainage hole in the bottom, you won't need to use as many as I did here.

2. Then bash a bit of soil in. I bought a bag from B&Q for about £2.

3. Pick one of your cuttings and pop that in too making sure the roots fit in the container you're using. Don't try to cram it in because your plant won't like it and your present will most likely die pretty fast otherwise.

4. Make sure you press the soil down firmly so there's no air gaps in the soil and so your cutting is supported.

5. Fill the rest of your container up with sand or gravel. I used sand as an example in the pictures, but with the other houseplant I just popped some gravel around the top. It means that the soil will retain more moisture than not.

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