Thursday, 4 December 2014

READ: Not That Kind Of Girl

Ah, Lena, you little gem. Writing about women the way women don't really want to be written about, but telling stories that every woman can relate to and secretly wishes she could tell everyone about. Well... maybe.

I love this for that reason though. I read reviews on Amazon and some negative comments were made about how it didn't teach them anything or find any stories relevant. It's an autobiography. You don't need to 'learn' anything from it - except that maybe your family isn't as cool as hers is.

Were the stories relevant - undoubtably yes. Inappropriate touching, rape, mental abuse, a woman recounting her troubled girlhood are all relevant. Each person has their own view on the world and this is hers. Albeit, a very skewed life to the one I've been living. I don't see this book as something to be judged, but something to read, take in and ponder about. If one single person looks at the world in this way to you, then it's a view that should be respected. Not shouted down.

I fully loved reading this book. It's not boring. Not deceptive. Not unrealistic. A bit far fetched compared to my life, but a good eye opener because of it.

I am so glad Lena exists.

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  1. It's quite a fun book indeed :)

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