Monday, 8 December 2014

REVIEW: Sally Hansen Maximum Growth

This formula is lovely. A smooth, quick drying thin sheen that makes any nail look instantly more attractive and doesn't wear, peel or chip off. Despite continuing to bite my nails, I noticed that they were stronger and I didn't bite as much of them off in one go as I normally do.

For a girl who very rarely has white tips, I have about 1mm of white tip on each of my nails now (a mean feat for me!) and although polish still doesn't look as good on me as on Estee I'm feeling more confident that my nails look okay when I go out.

In one week, my thumb nails grew from the nasty stumps that I bite them down to, to long talons that reached the end of my actual thumb (again, an achievement for me).

Although I think this is more of a gimmick then a miracle product, the whole concept works nicely because of the great formula. Any chipping or peeling polish usually attracts a good nail biting session so to have a varnish that sticks and lasts well is a God send!

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