Wednesday, 14 January 2015

LIFE: Je ne suis pas Charlie

I am not Charlie Hebdo.

No one is, but the person who drew the picture that caused all of this fuss.

I do not condone the actions taken by the men who took the lives of all those people, but I also do not condone Charlie Hebdo. I've read articles and news reports about how this is an attack on 'free speech'. Well, there is no such thing as 'free speech'. There are things you just cannot do and things you cannot say.

Slandering religion is something you should just not do. I see it along the same lines as calling a black man a nigger. Just don't do it! Whether you agree, disagree, find it funny, find it disgusting, don't care. Out of mutual respect, just don't.

No one looks big or cool by taking the mick out of anyone else for any kind of difference. Whether you're just with your mates or publishing it on the front of a global magazine...

Pushing the people who are some of the most willing to kill others that have disrespected their religion wasn't the best move CH could've ever taken. The response was a tad of an overreaction on their part (understatement of the year). But, as I said, Islamists are one of the most volatile people in the world at the moment. Not a super move on their part either, but they definately got their message across to the entire planet - Don't Fuck With Us.

My take on all of this is of two groups of people showing each other their balls and seeing who's are bigger. Unfortunately, in this case, it took the lives of twelve people to find out neither had bigger cahoneys.

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