Monday, 12 January 2015

LIFE: 12 things you come to learn in your early twenties

1. It's okay. Everything is okay, it's up to you to make the situation either really good or really shit.

2. Family matter. They might embarrass you, yell at you, say inappropriate things in public or look weird, but they are the only family you've got so make the most of them.

3. You don't need to iron every item of clothing you own after washing it. If you hang it on the drier just so, then it will crease in the right places and it's Ready To Wear when you need it at the last minute.

4. A cat can solve any issue. Whether you've broken up, had a cancer diagnosis, lopped your hair off or had an argument with your bestie. Your true best friend is a cat.

5. An 8:30pm bedtime is amazing.

6. Don't use bubble bath everytime you have a bath. Just soak in clean water, then scrub yourself silly. Means you'll be less likely to have 'lady issues'.

7. Breakfast is the most important mealtime. A good breakfast wakes you up, fills your belly and gets you raring for the day ahead. No more slugglish mornings.

8. You can eat sweets every mealtime, but you feel the sugar crash a few hours later much more harshly than you ever remember as a kid.

9. If you don't wash your hair, always put full makeup on. Offsets the greasiness like a dream.

10. Don't believe everything everyone tells you. It would be lovely if you could, but not everyone out there has good intentions so you could be steered in the wrong direction of you're not careful.

11. Always wash a pan you've cooked baked beans in straight away. Don't leave that!

12. Sometimes the best Plan of Action is nothing.


  1. Wise words, my dear! I totally agree with #5 and laughed out loud at #9

    1. I always forget No.11, always, always, always have to scrub the baked bean pan the next day. Doh!


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