Wednesday, 21 January 2015

READ: #2 & #3: A Little Run Around The World & The Guest Cat

On the day I read an article about this lady, I went out and bought the book. As a pick me up for the rest of the year ahead, I started re-reading this. Rosie runs around the world in response and memory of her husband Clive who died of cancer. Not only is the cause of her run resounding to me (my Grandma has had cancer several times and has recently been diagnosed again), the passion in which she urges people to go to the Doctors as soon as they find anything suspicious is catching - and not in a bad way. She is so honest, so daring, so brave, so alone and so determined. I love that even though she's sixty and running around in the most inhospitable of places, she meets so many lovely people and the unlikely help she gets from every single area she travels through is heartwarming. Everyone can relate to cancer. From Poland, to Russia to Alaska to New York. I even got the Lad reading this one.

I got this one last week, the cover attracted me and the fact it's about a cat instantly made it onto my bookshelf - or rather bedside table. The narrative of this one is very formal. It took me a while to get used to it and really understand what I was reading. Read this like your Great Grandad was talking to you, get his voice in your head and go from there, you'll be on to a winner. The fact it's written so simply, but descriptively, means that the cat is alive in my imagination as I read. I love that as the story goes on, the narrator comes alive too, out from the formality a bit of character emerges. A beautiful book.

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