Saturday, 17 January 2015

REVIEW: Eco Tools

For Christmas, I was super lucky to receive two sets of brushes alongside my Naked palette (thank you Ma). Above you can see the Fresh & Flawless set and the 6 piece eye brush set.

I've never used Ecotools before and I'm surprisingly impressed. I always thought they were a budget brand, but I'm really happy with the quality. Much better than the BareMinerals brushes, in my humble opinion.

I find the different colours on the face brushes really handy. I use colour to distinguish between most things in life (the different kinds of sausage packaging in Sainsbury's is a pretty good example. I like the blue ones best. Go ahead, laugh out loud right about now.) so these flowery shanks makes picking up the right brush on a morning a breeze.

Having said that, I've used the eye brushes more. I cannot believe how easy they make eye makeup. Blending with the fluffy brush (shown touching the blue shank) is a joy. Not a term I would normally ever use for the chore of putting my face on on a morning, but hey ho. It is. Really is. Thankfully they wash well too. No fallout here!


  1. The brushes remind me of the Nude brushes. I do actually have the Nude brushes and they're amazing. These sound just as amazing. :)

    Naturally Jes


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