Friday, 27 February 2015

REVIEW: Ionic Hairdryer


Randomly in October last year my beloved Babyliss hairdryer decided to melt it's nozzle. Yupp, that happened. So the nozzle wouldn't stay on when I was drying my hair - super annoying, like.

I picked this up just after Christmas, mainly because of the attachments. My previous dryer only came with the one so this looked like a rare treat. Obviously I got it from BeautyBay. I've never tried anything from BeautyBay The Collection before, but I was immediately impressed by the packaging. Expecting a little naff cardboard thing like the ones on the shelf in Tesco, but opening the outer delivery box to reveal this actually made me say 'wow!'. It's great for keeping everything together. Good for keeping them out of the way, but not untidily and super for making you feel like a pro every morning.

I got this at half price (possibly still on now, click here to have a look) and I'm super happy and impressed with it. I'm still not sure how to use the diffuser and rarely use the small nozzle, but for a piece of electronic equipment that I use, sleepily, every morning at 5.30am, I'm over the moon with it.

Two features I especially like are the options for hot, hotter or cool and the multiple choice speeds at which the air is blown out at. Not that my old hairdryer didn't have any options, this just makes me want to use them more.

All in all, epic buy.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

LIFE: Feeling small

I am a naturally small person. 

I'm 5'4, have size 4 feet and any amount of biscuits I eat will not change my waist line.

The world has been my oyster. I felt like I could crush anyone that got in my way like I can stamp the life out of an ant. I could do anything I wanted, push any boundary, break any rule.

Until now.

I feel so small, insignificant, inconvenient. I feel like I don't fit. I feel like I don't help. I feel like everything I say is wrong, every thought backfires, every laugh sounds fake. 

Some things just don't fit at the moment. I don't know why. It's not pleasant.

When I think about it, and I mean really think about it, I don't think it's me at all. I think I'm a square peg for the round hole. I fit perfectly. Snugly. I am right. I can almost feel the boundaries breaking again. It is good. I am good.

And for all this feeling is worth, I am worth more.

Sunday, 22 February 2015


February has mainly consisted of eating out pretty much all the time. Watching what I ate went out the window and into my belly. Despite eating my body weight in burgers and pies every weekend, I also got a lot of shit done that really needed to get done. No messing. I like it.

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Monday, 16 February 2015

REVIEW: Cloud Nine

Take anything as an example in my life - computers, clothing, chicken feed - and you will see a pattern emerging. I choose the best, but not generally the most popular. 

The only thing I really, really wanted at Christmas was some straightners. And the first thing anyone said when I told them that was "oh, so you're going to get some GHDs?"

And I said no.

Cloud nine have appealed to me since I first heard of them a good few years ago now. And yet, no-one I know has any. Or has, in fact, heard of them. Even the fashion forward of my friends were quite vague with their knowledge of the brand. They appealed even more to me after that.

The first thing I loved was the packaging. They came in a beaut heat protective bag, in a ribbon tied box, in a ribbon tied bag, in a branded box. It was an awesome gift to open.

There are two main things I like about these:
1. The heat sheath. What a genius invention. A little bit of plastic that covers the end of the straighteners so if I'm in a rush I can bash them back in the bag immediately after use without worrying that they'll melt the wires or burn anything else.

2. The 30 minute timer. After 30 minutes these badboys will turn themselves off. So not only is there the protection of the sheath, but if you get to work in the morning and think 'SHIT, I left my straighteners on!' (me, every morning), then never fear. These have your back.

I wholeheartedly recommend these. I'm so, so glad I was given them and I'm certain that they'll last me a very long time.

Friday, 13 February 2015

BAKE: White Chocolate Blondies

Since beginning to take pieces of apple to work to snack on, my sugar rushes have been on the back burner.  Cue Friday, cue these blondies. 

375g white chocolate
75g butter
3 eggs
125g sugar
150g self raising flour

Preheat the oven to about 180°C.
After the chocolate and the butter melt together in a pan on a low heat and has been stood aside for a moment to cool, beat the eggs and sugar together in a bowl. Then add the chocolate mix to the egg mixture as well as the flour.

Bash the whole thing in a lined baking tin. I used a shallow tray and it would have been better to use a smaller, deeper tin as the mix doesn't rise that much. Bake for about 20 minutes, until golden, but not too firm.

Fun fact: I'm allergic to chocolate cake. I think it's the coco powder that does it, but seeing as these have none of that in, I've been munching merrily away without being super sick.
I took this recipe from QuickCook Budget Meals - an epic book that everyone should buy and bake from.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

LIFE: 5 home jobs for February

I treat February much the same as September. This is the transition month into the new season. Into Summer!

1. Empty those cupboards.
In the kitchen; in the living room; utility room; cloakroom; bedroom. Empty all of them out and bin the majority of 'stuff' that's there. If you haven't used it since last February, then chances are you're not going to use them again.

2. Wash all of your clothes.
Now, this one might roll over into March and even April too. Good weather days might be few and far between - especially good drying weather, but where possible give all your clothes a wash and hang outside. It freshens them up and freshens you up too.

3. Prepare your outdoor space.
Too early I hear you cry? No. With all the plants still relatively small or still in bulb form, now is the best time to get on with outdoor improvements. We're going to replace our fence and relay our patio. Jobs that would be awkward to get to/ maneover with blooming plants everywhere.

4. Refresh a room.
If not all rooms, just one. There will be one that needs a quick lick of paint, maybe some glossing, maybe a flick of paint around switches and sockets. A room that has possibly sat for some time since you first moved in. One that has been on your To Do List for a good deal of time. Plan and re/decorate that room.

5. Bring the outdoors in.
If you have no outdoor space then this is a must - whether it's flowers or a potted plant, a terrararium or a bunch of flowers. Anything will do. Plants and flowers will brighten up a space more than anything else!

Saturday, 7 February 2015

REVIEW: Real Techniques Stippling Brush

I'm, as most people are, a fan of Real Techniques. I've had the core collection for a couple of years and the main face brush is now a tatty old thing. Pretty gross.

Upgrade time! I chose the stippling brush. Doesn't disappoint in the slightest. It blends well, takes up just the right amount of product to apply it evenly on the skin, washes beautifully and makes putting my makeup on a dream.

Might just have to upgrade the rest of my brushes now...

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

LIFE: MASTER PLAN SIDE C: 52 books in 52 weeks

I sort of jumped in over the month or so and bombarded you with what I was reading without really explaining what I'm doing.

52 books in 52 weeks is something I found out about through Bee, which I mentioned in my first review. She completed the challenge last year and it spurred me to think about reading more. I read maybe ten books last year and didn't really put any effort into my favourite hobby.

After a bit of research, 52 books in 52 weeks is something that has been around for the past few years and I'm so glad that the majority of people I follow on blogs or know out and about have decided that this year will be one that involves more books. I think I may have gone in deep with the target of fifty two considering some have targeted one a month or only(!) twenty six throughout the year!

I know that technically the rules involve reading one a week (running from Sunday to Saturday), but my goal is to just find time to read an accumulation of fifty two books by the 31st December, hopefully reaching four-ish a month. 

Despite my hopes to get fitter and healthier over the course of 2015, I think this goal will be the one I complete first, and with a giant smile on my face.

Will you read more this year? Have you already started? What is your favourite book?

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Hello February

I can already see the little sprouts of green reaching up out of the earth in the garden. my heart lifts every time I spot another one. Crocus, tulips, daffodils reaching up, up to the sky.
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